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If you think your life is on the line to keep your business running, as a former Chinese Mafia Boss, Sabastian knew exactly what is at stake if he neglected to bring results to his “family business” – another moment to live. You talk about business competition; his competition was literally out to kill him. After several near death experiences, he was finally saved through imprisonment. It was in prison, away from the chaos, that he found what he was passionate about – developing leaders, leaders that give life rather than take it. It was this passion that gave him another chance at life – after a reduced sentence he went back to school and completed his GED, AA, BA in Human Development and MBA in International Development.

He soon found himself at another battlefield, fighting human trafficking, gang violence and social injustice in several Asian countries and in the United States. In this battle he didn’t have his body guards, knives or guns as weapons anymore; rather he relied on the power of conversation – of Fierce Conversations because he knew that this type of violence needed tangible results, not just words or “soft” skills. As one who saw time and moments as truly limited, he only aligned himself to tools that made real impact – that transformed lives not just to entertain.

When he became an Identity Evangelist, he took with him the ferocity and urgency from his Mafia experience, the passion and patience from his imprisonment and his knowledge and perseverance from his degrees and used them to ultimately transform leaders and their entire organization. Many are curious about the Identity Evangelist portion, we’ll let you find out for yourself when you meet Sabastian – that passion is best heard in person.


Sabastian Inspires Leaders to Take Action
by Connecting With Their WHY to create six-figure businesses.

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Rich Coach, Poor Coach exposes the shift needed from having a scarce mentality to BEING an abundant coach that is capable of producing six-figure by creating unprecedented results for their clients. It will reveal the universal principles that is the foundation for a coach to elevate their business to a successful six-figure income that allows them to have the freedom to chose their clients, travel anywhere, devote quality time to the family and enjoy creating intended results for their clients.



Sabastian is one of the most interesting people I have met in my career. He is without a doubt one of the strongest professional trainers I have ever had the opportunity to work with. He knows the material he presents backwards and forward... And gives energetic, and thought provoking presentations.

Arthur Salyer

I have worked with Sabastian on several projects. It is a rarity to meet an individual whose passion for people to live their lives to the greatest possibility is as genuine as it is inspiring. His selfless leadership exudes great vision, trust, care, and a relentless commitment to the betterment of all he comes in contact with.

Robb Farrell

Sabastian is a dynamic speaker, visionary leader, and quite a generous friend. He will fire up any sleepy congregation in a few seconds, rev up the team's momentum in no time, and manage to forget all about it the next day. He gives credit to people around him. A dangerous man for hell.

Jesse Hsu

Sabastian saved me 5+ years of wandering in the huge fog of ideas in my head. He gave me clarity of my vision, my values, and the state of being I want for myself and the people I desire to serve. He is incredible coach, leader, and friend. He is one of the most positive people I've ever met but he will challenge you, stretch you to be uncomfortable because he is taking a stand with you and your vision! He's not kidding when he says he gets you to take action, connects you with your WHY and gets you results!

Eddie Park

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